5 Facts To Know About The Alexa Toolbar

Hello and welcome to another informative and interesting article on HowToBunny and this time its exclusively written for Blogger and Webmasters. Alexa as we know is a prominent source for the people to know about a website’s rank and one of the things for which Alexa is known is the “Alexa Toolbar”

To keep this article as minimal as possible,we’ll just head on to the main content.So here “5 Things You Should Know About The Alexa Toolbar”

5 Facts To Know About The Alexa Toolbar

5 Facts To Know About The Alexa Toolbar

1.It is NOT the only source which Alexa uses for ranking.
It is true that Alexa uses the statistics gained from the Alexa Toolbar to rank the websites but that is not their only means.Alexa have also stated that they also use things beyond the Alexa Toolbar.

2.Alexa Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox is called Sparky
Yes,the Alexa Toolbar which came out in 2007 exclusively for Firefox has been given the name “Sparky”

3.The Alexa Toolbar includes a pop-up blocker
The Alexa Toolbar apart from showing a site’s statistics will help you to prevent the annoying pop-up ads to trap your browser.

4.The Alexa Toolbar identifies every user as anonymous.
It does that so that the users dont have to lend any personal details to it.Good for the users actually.

5.Having your site certified in Alexa wont help in rankings but having the toolbar in your brower will.  And you probably know that,don’t you?

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